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Clinical Hypnotherapy & EMDR in Leicestershire

Imagine a life free from anxiety, combatting low mood, and feeling in control of your stress.

Together we can create a better future for you.

 Where you are back in the driving seat.

Specialising in mental health support.

Achelois provides face-to-face,

in-person/online therapy appointments.

Sessions are usually conducted via Zoom.

Descend Into Your Inner Self - Your Power Resides There!

Why choose Achelois?

Because I Can Help

& You Are In Safe Professional Hands

Thank you for choosing Achelois Clinical Therapy. I specialise in mental health hypnotherapy for children, teens and adults. Primarily I offer help for anxiety (and anxiety-based issues), low mood/ depression, and stress,  Although if you scroll through my page, you can see I offer lots more than that.

For many reasons people can find themselves struggling to cope or simply want to make changes in their lives. I can help you create long-lasting effective change.


Hypnosis is effective, although it may not be for everyone. If you want to make some changes, I can help you do it. No matter what issues you’re facing, you can free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back. Think about where you are now and where you want to be. That gap is the work, the therapy; together we can get you closer to your goals

Release yourself from those old unhelpful habits. Create a new mindset, one where you are resilient and ready to step outside your comfort zone, nothing ever grows there!

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

I can help you with:

Anxiety & Stress Relief

Stop the Feeling of Panic. 

Feeling unable to breathe, heart racing, dry mouth, an overwhelming sense of panic, like you are going to die? Feeling frozen with fear or so stressed your neck is up by your ears? 

Imagine a life without anxiety or stress, may sound great,  but we actually need a little in our lives. However, when it becomes overwhelming and prevents us from getting the most out of life, then we should look for solutions. Hypnotherapy may be just that solution. Together we can build your confidence and resilience, enabling you to take back control. You can learn to combat your stress and irradicate overwhelming anxiety and I can help you do it.

Hypnotherapy is an accepted therapeutic strategy for dealing with anxiety-based problems. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  acknowledges it as a legitimate and effective anxiety management technique. Hypnotherapy works for anxiety and stress!


Low Mood

Deep Sadness or Depression

Many of us experience low mood, even depression, at some point during our lives. Feeling low, tired, sad, irritable, and wanting to escape are common symptoms. When these feelings persist we may need to seek appropriate professional help. 


Do you need help with how you are feeling? Do you want to feel better? Achelois Clinical Therapy may be able to help you. By using a combination of therapies and hypnosis we can work together to create changes necessary for mood improvement. Treatment may often be done in conjunction with your GP. Hypnotherapy offers a drug-free approach, however, your GP may recommend that medication is also used alongside hypnotherapy to promote effective treatment.


It is now suggested by NICE that talking therapies, which include hypnotherapy are offered to patients before or at least alongside drug treatments as first-line support for low mood/depression. 
If you are here looking, pick up the phone; we can do this together It is eminently survivable by speaking up and seeking support. You can feel better.


The now very popular phrase  "it's ok not to be ok"; may sound like a great mantra to live by, however, it could also be counterproductive. Whilst everyone experiences feelings of unhappiness or unsettled periods, at varying times in their lives; they are perfectly usual as long as they behave like visitors; they come and go. It is only a useful mantra if you get help when you are not ok. 

Fear and Phobia

Retake Control!

Do you want to be able to fly, drive, see or do something without feeling a sense of panic? Whatever your fear, believe you have the capacity to change.

All but two of our fears are learned behaviour, which also means they can be unlearned, what a phenomenal prospect!

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for phobias. If your life is dictated by your fears then it may be time to change. All you have to lose is the fear; the thing holding you back! 

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived"

F Scott Fitzgerald.

jared-rice-k3pYa0CDLl0-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Improved Self Esteem.

You Have The Power - You Are Your Power!

Feeling like you don't matter or are not good enough? Create the confidence to deal with life.  Recognise your worth, your value, and vitality, and become more self-assured, comfortable, and content in your own skin.  Hypnotherapy can help to uncover the real you.  To help you feel better about yourself.

Challenging how we measure ourselves by other people's yardstick is a powerful tool, it can stop the internal negative feedback that we are not good enough.


Remove the blanket of self-doubt.

Unwanted Habits.

Do you do things without thinking?

Want to stop a bad habit? nail-biting, procrastinating, spot picking,.. the list goes on. These habits tend to be unconscious ways to deal with feelings of anxiety; many having originated in childhood as a way to self-soothe. Whilst stemming from anxiety they can infiltrate other aspects of your life... watching TV, studying,  reading, shopping, seeing friends... Your habits have become an unconscious habit - you do it without thinking! Hypnotherapy can help you stop.


When we make the unconscious conscious we can then eliminate the things we want to stop.

In hypnotherapy, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to cease the unwanted behaviour. Just imagine yourself free of your old habits. How amazing you will feel. 

Leopards (who won't change their spots) Need Not Apply!

Resting Tiger

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

That Gut Feeling -  Irritability!

IBS really is just that; irritable. It can cause pain, and discomfort and have an altogether restrictive effect on a person's life. Clinical trials have identified Hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for IBS. with the potential to alleviate many symptoms.

Do not suffer in silence. Hypnotherapy can help you conquer your IBS.

I have Specialist training in Hypnotherapy for IBS - Gut Directed Hypnotherapy. 


Trouble Sleeping?

Sleepless nights? A Good Night's Sleep is Not an Unattainable Dream!

Tossing and turning, head spinning, worries whizzing around your mind, up and down all night, laying awake at night? We have so many ways to say I can't sleep.

Insomnia is a common problem, and it can have significant debilitating consequences on both our physical and psychological health and wellbeing. Poor sleep means poor health.

It is so easy to unintentionally create a habit of not sleeping. Here at Achelois, we provide hypnotherapy alongside sleep hygiene advice to enable you to have healthier and more restful sleep. Whether you cannot drop off or wake and find all your worries whirring around your mind, hypnotherapy may be the difference between a good night's sleep and that perpetual feeling of exhaustion. 

Wake to feel refreshed and ready to face the world.

Pain Management

You Have Pain, You are Not Pain!

When was the last time you woke up and got out of bed without checking how you feel in your body, what hurts, aches, or provides you with a reminder that today is going to be a particular type of day? I would hazard it wasn't this morning! Achelois may be able to offer you a lifeline in a sea of misery.

Living with chronic pain can be exhausting, debilitating, and often isolating. Hypnotherapy may certainly help you get some relief. Once it is evident that there are no contraindications to using hypnosis then work on your pain management can begin. It may not be possible to completely extinguish your pain but it is extremely possible to reduce it to a level manageable for each individual patient.


Each person is different, so too will be their experience of pain and its physical and psychological impact.  No judgment or assumptions will be made; just a thorough assessment and pain management plan.

Imagine a life where you, not your pain, are in control!


Stop Smoking

Banish Nicotine From Your Life!

Want to stop smoking or stop vaping? How many times have you tried simple willpower alone in order to stop smoking? When wanting to quit smoking it could well be the won't power you need!  If you are motivated and committed to stopping, I am able to help you become a non-smoker. Imagine a life free of smoke and more money in your pocket. How much money could you save by becoming healthier?

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking offers an alternative to nicotine replacement therapy.

Hypnotherapy can also help with other addictions.

On the Scales

Healthy Weight

You Know What is Healthy for You.

Do you want to feel healthier, reduce your weight and become more in control of your eating habits? Using Hypnotherapy to aid weight change can be an effective strategy. If you want to try something other than a multiplicity of conflicting dietary advice; some of which borders on being torturous if not dangerous; this may be the answer. Our relationship with food and why we eat can be complex. We do not always eat for hunger alone. The healthier weight program helps to identify why we eat, when we eat and how we can challenge poor eating habits.

Hypnotherapy can help you reach a healthier weight, help to establish healthy eating habits, motivate you, and so importantly, it can create lasting confidence that could help you sustain your changes, feel fabulous, and inhabit your body well.

Long Term Conditions

You Are Greater ThanYour Illness.

It Need Not Define You!

Have you recently been diagnosed with a long-term illness, (e.g. Asthma, Diabetes, MS, Fibro...) or have had it for some time but now feel rather overwhelmed and despondent about it? Asking yourself how or why do I live with this disease? It can become all-consuming to physical and emotional health, gaining the power to take over your life.


Working together we can enable you to develop helpful coping strategies, and find ways for you to deal with your diagnosis even on the days when you feel it absolutely stinks! Those days are natural responses, but together we can make them the exception rather than the rule. 

22 Quotes on Hope to Help You Through Stressful Times - Bedlam & Daisies.jpg

Public Speaking

Find Your Voice!

Dreading speaking out loud? Want to feel confident when speaking?  If you have a speech, job interview, or presentation to make, or simply wish to feel more comfortable speaking up; be noticed? Hypnotherapy can help you feel more confident and able to take the steps needed to overcome your reservations.

Whilst we cannot guarantee your speech will be funny or entertaining, we can certainly help you find your voice!

Improved Performance

Aim High!

Want to improve your skills and performance, fulfill your potential and realise your ambition?

Whether in sport, academia, school, personal life, or any other area in which you feel your potential is still not met, hypnotherapy can help. You know what you want to achieve and together we can help you realise it. Use hypnosis to change your "what if it goes wrong" thoughts and turn them into, "I can do this, I will do this". Reframe your thinking and unlock your potential; make your dreams a reality. Be the best you can be.

Imagine now, the moment you reach your goals, note the feelings and thoughts, and breathe in the sensation of success and achievement.

Achelois offers group and individual sessions. Recent visits to school students have proven popular with the participants and their teachers.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be".

Ralph Waldo Emmerson



Time To Just Be.

Feeling like you need to take a break, no time to yourself, being pulled in all directions? Self-care is so important. In fact, it is vital for wellbeing. Stop the madness, even if for a short time.


When was the last time you simply unplugged from our hectic world with all its demands and expectations? Ever considered Hypno-relaxation?

Hypnosis can offer a fantastic opportunity for you to relax, to turn the volume down on your conscious. In our frenetic world, taking time out to JUST BE... is essential. You probably wouldn't think twice about buying new clothes, a fabulous hairstyle, or healthy foods, to keep your body in tip-top form, so why not your mind? Now you have an opportunity to apply that to your emotional well-being too. 

Insert the gap!

Sit back, breathe deeply and lose yourself. Hypnosis will transport you to a wonderful place.

Ideal for any level of fitness and mobility as all you need is somewhere to sit or lay, no contortion required. Just time to chill.

Individuals or groups catered for.

Children &

 I have a special interest in the field of child and teenage health and wellbeing. Establishing effective coping strategies and building resilience are now, more than ever, essential parts of growing up in the modern world. The physical and psychological pressures can be overwhelming. Together we can help to identify problems and offer effective solutions to promote more productive and healthy coping strategies. By clicking the learn more link below, you can find out the types of issues I can offer support with, such as low mood, self-harm, trichotillomania, (and other body-focused repetitive behaviours (BFRBs)), and anxiety. Not only can I help your child or teen, but I often also support parents, and share tips and techniques on how to manage and keep their own sanity, as it can sometimes feel like you are out of control and don't know how to help.. It is not uncommon to have sessions for several family members. Maintaining confidentiality for all as always.

Developing constructive helpful and protective behaviours can ensure our youngsters get off to a great start. Let's help them create their own roadmap and navigation tools to negotiate life's inevitable ups and downs. We owe it to them and us that the next generation is able to maximize their phenomenal potential. I would love to help do this.

Nocturnal Enuresis
(Bed Wetting)

You Are Not to Blame!

Bedwetting in children is common, boys are more likely than girls to wet at night. Finding professional support for bedwetting can be hard. And as a professional who ran enuresis clinics in the NHS for many years, I know that there is also a great deal of really unhelpful advice out there, usually spread by well-meaning but uninformed individuals. It may even be a member of your family, which can create fiction.


If you want to help your child establish better continence and gain confidence, and be able to enjoy waking after a dry night, please make contact. Be your child's enuresis superhero, until they themself can fulfill the role. Achelois has devised a program of clinical assessment and treatment which incorporates a fully robust physiological approach and includes hypnotherapy in the treatment plan. The package of care is available for up to six months and will comprise physiological and psychosocial treatment, based on clinical findings and NICE guidance. Using hypnotherapy as an additional element will focus not only on becoming dry but on building up self-esteem and reducing guilt and shame.

If your child has never achieved dry nights or has become wet after a period of control, this program could offer a possible solution


Enuresis is not your fault; No one would choose to be wet at night.

You CAN BECOME your own DRY  Superhero - after all, it is what you truly deserve.



MONDAY - FRIDAY: 09.00:19.00

 SATURDAY 08.30:12.30 

SUNDAY Closed 

Earlier/Later appointments negotiable

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