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Unwanted Habits.

Make Behaviour Purposeful!

Hypnotherapy can offer effective solutions to many unwanted habits. Habits are learned behaviour. It usually takes about 21 repetitions of an action/activity for it to become a habit. If we learn it, then it stands to reason we can unlearn it!


Many of these habits have originated in our feeling the need to quell anxiety, to self-soothe, they have however become entrenched in our day-to-day actions.

Have a habit you hate and want to stop? Nail biting, hair pulling, hair sucking, picking, overspending, watching too much TV, lateness,... whatever the habit; all are receptive to hypnotherapy. With several sessions, your behaviours could really alter, and all those unhelpful habits can be gone. So within 3 hours or so, you could be free of them.


Make your behaviours a conscious choice, do not be manipulated by old habits. Speak to your unconscious via hypnosis so that it makes your behaviours purposeful and not damaging in any way.

Tell it thanks but no thanks. I no longer want to...

You are your own agent of change, by working together on a structured behavioural hypnotherapeutic approach to ridding unwanted habits, you can finally free yourself.

Visualise how different you would be, and really see yourself released from your unwanted habit!

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