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Low Mood

One Foot In Front of The Other...

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Low mood or depression will affect one in four of us at some time in our lives. We may have an idea of what has led us to feel as we do; a loss, a redundancy, a relationship breakdown... It is also possible we have no clue as to where our feelings originate.

Low mood affects each of us, for brief periods, throughout our lives, and this is usual. However, when it persists and we feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and find that engaging in life is increasingly difficult, then professional help may be needed to help us recover. Having such a low mood is not something we can simply "snap out of" or are able to "pull yourself together", it can be all-encompassing, exhausting, confusing, and can mean we often cannot see clearly. Seeking help is not a weakness. If you broke an arm you wouldn't simply let it heal by itself; you would seek appropriate help. Psychological health is just as important and seeking help is equally valid.  Not seeking help because you may feel embarrassed, unworthy, or ashamed will inevitably lead to further decline and can create maladaptive coping strategies.

I offer a compassionate integrative hypnotherapy approach to helping effect positive change - to get you back to being your usual self; perhaps an even more phenomenal version! Let's lift the shroud of darkness together. We start in our first session, a full assessment is carried out,  and together we work out the best way forward. My therapy sessions are an opportunity for you to be open and honest about how you feel. absolutely judgement free and for us to find ways to move forward, to focus on moving forward towards a better future for you. Several sessions will be needed.

Talking therapies are now recommended as the first-line treatment for low mood/depression, however, your GP may prescribe drug therapy. Talking therapies (of which hypnotherapy is one) have been found to offer equal if not improved benefits to patients and their recovery. It is important to note that whilst hypnotherapy is often an effective intervention, it is not a replacement for medical assessment and treatment. If your GP has prescribed drug treatment it is recommended you continue to take them as prescribed and have hypnotherapy in conjunction with your treatment,  Any changes to your prescription should only be made following a discussion with your GP. 

If you are struggling, please pick up the phone! 

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