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Mental Health and Well-being

Improve your Self Esteem, Confidence, and Sense of Self Worth.

Do you compare yourself to others and feel you are nowhere near as good as or as capable as them? - they are somehow better, more skilled, more knowledgable, more articulate, more popular, and more outgoing than you? Want to feel confident and do the things you really want to do? You will be pleased to know you can, and I can help you.

How we feel within (and about) ourselves is fundamental to our perception and experience of the world. Knowing our worth and feeling confident are easily overlooked. We are flooded with heavily manipulated, social media imagery of others experiencing the most amazing lives; happy beyond measure, and with everything they desire. It is hard to live up to this, particularly as the influencers only ever show the highly polished images, in the right gear, the right place, and in the most flattering pose; not to mention the filters and airbrushing! It is in fact, an illusion, a mirage, a smokescreen to hide the less than perfect lives, to detract from reality. It is at best disingenuous and at its worst dangerous dishonesty.

I can help you to create the changes you need so that you can feel confident and comfortable and self-reliant.

You already have all you will need, it just needs to be unlocked. Once we have identified the thinking that is holding you back or tricking you into feeling inadequate, we can assess their truth, validity, and accuracy. These beliefs are often well established in your mind, after all, they have been influencing your life for some time. We can show your negative thoughts the door, they are unhelpful.  Challenging and changing thinking can change your life! You will be amazed at how quickly and powerfully you can feel better about yourself. 

You matter, you are enough...just as you are!

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