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Anxiety and Stress Relief.

Take control of your responses.

Anxiety Be Gone!

Some anxiety is healthy, it keeps us on our toes and makes us aware of our environment and any perceived threats. The problem begins when we, that is our brains, begin to see threats everywhere, so it then responds as if our life may be in danger. Our sympathetic nervous system kicks in, releasing adrenaline which makes our heart rate quicken, our breathing increases but becomes more shallow, and blood is diverted from areas we don't need it at this vital time, such as digestion (which creates butterflies in the tummy)... we get a dry mouth, cannot think straight, feel as though we are about to die.

Whilst this is all well and good when we are at risk it is really unhelpful when we simply want to go to the shop or school or sit our driving test.

Living with high levels of anxiety can really impact one's life. Feeling as though we are trapped in a prison of our own thoughts and feelings. We can however learn to manage anxiety and if I may be bold enough say we can stop becoming overwhelmed with it altogether and hypnotherapy can help you do this.

I recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions for the treatment of anxiety, although everyone is different, so regular assessment of where we are and where we want to be is essential and will usually happen at the end of every session.

You will learn how to combat your anxiety, by learning how to dampen down your sympathetic nervous system by knowing how to engage your parasympathetic nervous system - the one that calms everything down. You will learn to identify any triggers, and how it is important not to avoid them but manage them and respond in a more proportionate way. You will get to a point when you are able to not even aware of any triggers or perhaps notice them but pay little heed. It is possible to create such a relaxed state, create an anchor of this state, so you can simply access it, almost at the click of your fingers.

Stressed Man

Combat Stress.

Stress can have a huge impact on our lives. Sustained high levels of stress can actually harm our physical and mental health. It is a cause of high blood pressure, headache, chest pain, irritability, sleepless nights, tiredness, and fatigue... the list is long.

Much of our stress comes from the expectations of ourselves and that of others on how we perform. Work-related stress is a main cause of absenteeism within the workplace.

Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your stress levels, feel confident in speaking up for yourself and promote your own health and wellbeing. 

Using techniques based on science and research into how the brain and body respond to stress and how to promote healthy patterns of thinking I can help you combat overwhelming stress and help you feel in control again. 

I can teach you how to access a calm "resourceful state" that you can access whenever you need to. Learning skills of self-hypnosis too can also assist you in lowering your response to stress for good.

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