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Sleep Clinic

Insomnia. Lack of Sleep is Harmful to Both Body and Mind.

Sleep is vital to survival, our bodies cannot function without it. Poor quality sleep can significantly and detrimentally affect physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can cause low mood, poor levels of concentration, increased likelihood of accidents,  obesity, heart disease, and diabetes; it can reduce life expectancy. Yet we only really recognise its importance when we are not getting enough of it. 

Sleep problems include the inability to get off to sleep, waking frequently, lying awake during the night, and waking early. Feeling unrested upon waking, tiredness, inability to nap even though excessively tired.

Adults require about 7-9hrs sleep, children 9-13hrs, toddlers and babies 13-17hrs (NHS advice). These are recommended amounts of restful sleep, not simply lying in bed and ruminating about issues of the day or worries that seem to find us in the middle of the night. 

Learning how to create a better environment for restful sleep, and identifying the factors which may prevent us from sleeping, in conjunction with hypnosis should ensure that a restful sleep should not be something you can no longer achieve. You do know how to do it after all!

Digital sleep recordings may also be offered in order to help break the pattern of insomnia.

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