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Physical Health

Children and Young People

Achelois Clinical Therapy offers customized hypnosis sessions in Leicestershire to give you the tools you need to manage physical health needs, be they how to make healthy choices, deal with pain, manage or come to terms with a lifelong diagnosis. Hypnotherapy can engage a young mind by focussing on progress and a positive mindset. Using fun techniques to teach youngsters that the body will follow the mind.  So they can learn and practise thinking differently and watch as the body responds. Fun and laughter with added therapy can be so awesome and very effective!


Nocturnal Enuresis (Bed Wetting)

Continence is Key

Achelois has devised a program of clinical assessment and treatment which incorporates a fully robust physiological approach and includes hypnotherapy in the treatment plan. The package of care will be for up to six months and will comprise physiological and psychosocial support, based on clinical findings and NICE guidance. Using hypnotherapy as an additional element will focus not only on becoming dry but on building up self-esteem and reducing guilt and shame.

The program will begin by assessing bladder capacity and the physiological elements of bedwetting. Added to this will be hypnotherapy to unconsciously aid the relationship between bladder and brain; so that they listen to each other. The majority of bedwetting can be easily treated without needing any drug treatment. If however, during the ongoing assessment, it is found that medication may be of benefit then liaison with your GP would be necessary.

As a Specialist Nurse, I ran regular (Nurse Led) Continence clinics, assisted in developing a Continence Policy for the trust I worked for, and also lead parent seminars regarding establishing healthy childhood continence. I am aware of recent approaches to treatment and importantly the impact that wetting can have on children and their families. Using hypnotherapy as an additional element will focus not only on becoming dry but on building up self-esteem and reducing guilt and shame.

Extra Ego-strengthening and building self-esteem are fundamental to a happy engaging child. I start by telling them and you, the parent, that bed-wetting is not your fault, it is hard going, frustrating but usually very effectively treated. 

Please get in touch, we really can do this!


Long Term Conditions.

Being diagnosed with a long-term illness can often mean coming to terms with change and adapting to certain challenges. Helping a child feel confident to deal with their illness and accepting these challenges as part of life can make all the difference. Give them the confidence to manage their condition in school, when out and about, and promotes the sense that they are not their illness. For example keeping the kit required, EpiPen, pumps, inhalers, etc. but also having the belief that they can manage to sort themselves out, empowering them to be their own advocate. It may be that they need help with pain control or management too.

Sometimes it really sucks to have a label, being able to say that out loud is important to kids, to shout it if they want. Having a safe space to do that is helpful if not essential. For both them and their parents/carers.

Using an integrative hypnotherapy approach I can help your child develop healthy coping strategies and a determination that their illness is simply a part of them; not the whole.

Many illnesses have a psychological impact which responds extremely well to hypnotherapy. Achelois will not offer medical advice but will work in conjunction with your plan of care. Let's get them thinking and feeling better about their capabilities and abilities together.

Physical Health: Service
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