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Public Speaking

Find Your Voice!

Do you hate the idea of speaking in public? Whether it's, talking in a large group, preparing a wedding speech, upcoming interview or presentation or you may even feel self-conscious when speaking with friends You can feel the dread, the cold shudder spreading up your neck and into your head... The funny thing is... you already know how to do it. Hypnotherapy is about stopping negative thinking, fortune-telling, and the "what ifs"? I can help you. Let's reignite your inner confidence!


Hypnotherapy helps you find a practised state of calm. This will allow you to lessen the physiological responses; dry mouth, sweating, fast heart rate, digestive changes as well as feelings of panic and anxiety. Alongside this, some CBT techniques and ego-strengthening will be incorporated. Before you know it, the idea of standing up to speak or simply being heard will be like water off the proverbial duck's back.

My very first client came for public speaking, he was getting married and needed to perform his speech in front of hundreds of guests. Absolute terror beset him. He was a confident, professional man in his thirties, who was used to sporting performance, yet this prospect floored him. After his wedding, he contacted me to say it had gone brilliantly and he actually enjoyed himself! He was even funny too! 

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