Weight Loss

You Know What is Healthy for You.

Achelois Clinical Therapy is not here to impose any opinion as to what one's weight should be; that is for an individual to decide. But if you feel that you may need some help and have tried an abundance of diets, after all, there is a multitude available; some that allow 600 calories per day, some removing carbohydrate and increasing fats, others clean eating... this list is long, confusing and contradictory.  They may work short term, but the long term is less likely. Before embarking on another diet it is useful to reflect, that if diets really worked then none of us would carry any extra weight.  We often know what we should do, what we fail to consider is our relationship with food. 

Achelois sessions are based around your habits, which are usually unconscious, and how they can often cause you to eat more then you need; often without thinking. We can then find ways to make practical changes whilst also engaging both your unconscious and conscious mind in adopting a new approach to food. 

There are many reasons to eat, let's make them conscious and not a replacement. Let our emotions be sated elsewhere.