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Weight Management

You Know What is Healthy for You.

I am not here to impose any opinion as to what one's weight should be; that is for an individual to decide. But if you feel that you may need some help and have tried an abundance of diets, get in touch.


Just five minutes of searching "diets" shows there is a multitude available; some that allow only 600 calories per day, some removing carbohydrates and increasing fats, others clean eating... this list is long, confusing, and contradictory.  They may work short-term, but the long-term outcome is less successful. It could be suggested you are being set up to fail. You will eventually stop your diet of choice and as your brain has been used to acting in a particular way, it will revert back to old patterns. Until you restart the diet. Before embarking on another diet it is useful to reflect, that if diets really worked then none of us would carry any extra weight.  We often know what we should do, but what we fail to consider is our relationship with food. So let's not diet, but eat with intention, choose healthy options, and only eat when we are actually hungry.

The other thing about diets is that you have to deny yourself, chocolate, crisps, cooked breakfast... whatever your favourite, which itself is difficult and for very good reason. I bet you have never heard of the "law of reversed effect".  Let me explain it to you... DO NOT THINK OF A GIRAFFE...  You are now thinking of a giraffe! Oh yes, you are! The law of reversed effect works by actually bringing the thing you want to ignore to the forefront of your mind and then inevitably you want it more. A bit like the bright red Do Not Press button you automatically want to push. By not dieting but thinking differently about food, you can create the changes you want.

There are many reasons we eat; boredom, frustration/anger, loneliness, habit, late evening whilst watching TV... whatever the reasons let's make them conscious and not a replacement for something or a way to literally swallow down how we feel. Eating to numb us from how we feel can create a vicious cycle, we eat, we feel worse and then we eat to stop feeling bad. Let our emotions be sated elsewhere.


We can learn to think differently, create healthy eating habits and routines, and also how to be so much more confident with who we are, so when we become our ideal weight we are more able to sustain it. Once at your desired weight/shape you will have oodles of confidence and can feel so very comfortable inhabiting your own body. It is after all a thing of magnificence!

Weight Management at Achelois is a six-session program, that looks at many influencing factors such as; when, why, and what you eat, and triggers for overeating. We break the old habits - the routes that your brain has been used to following, and put in place alternative more healthy pathways. Part of the process includes the powerful act of future pacing - seeing yourself in years to come... With this image in mind, we work towards achieving it.






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