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Children and Young People

Lots of people ask if kids and teenagers can be hypnotised? The short answer is yes. I have never met a child who cannot go into hypnosis. 

Children and teens are absolutely fantastic at hypnotherapy! They spend a great deal of their time daydreaming, visualising, and imagining all sorts of things, some good and some not so good. Why not harness their power for all things fantastical and create a positive mindset that will improve resilience, and encourage them to embrace change and challenge, knowing perfection is not required.  Rather effort and belief in their own ability and capability will empower them throughout their life. Let's make our children unstoppable, after all our future is in their hands! Many of my paediatric sessions do not even look like hypnotherapy, they talk and keep eyes open for much of the time, we also have fun in the session. Laughter can enhance hypnotherapy, not to mention the feel-good hormones and receptive and happy state it creates! Although it has to be said. many of them love the "relaxing bit"!

I have a special interest in enabling children and teenagers to find their inner superpower. Life can be challenging, and helping to build resilience and resourcefulness is key to them gaining the confidence to find their space in the world and meet those challenges head-on. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to improve their self-belief and worthiness. It creates focused attention. This can then be used to establish a receptive state of mind, allowing the space to challenge negative self-limiting beliefs and re-establish more positive thinking. Let's put a stop to destructive unhelpful thinking.


As well as helping with child and teen wellbeing, it can also help them come to terms with illness and long-term conditions. Having an illness can be hard for kids, it often means they feel different from their friends and classmates. They get to stand out for all the wrong reasons. Helping to get them come to terms with their diagnosis and make the changes needed can make a huge difference to their outlook. The services are separated into emotional health and physical health, please click the button below to take you to more detailed information.

I have an enhanced DBS which means I am safe to work with children. I also have many years of experience working with vulnerable children. 

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