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Time To Just Be.

Sessions are stand-alone appointments. Offering an opportunity to simply immerse one's self in a state of blissful relaxation. There is no therapy involved, just a method to allow you to switch off, tune out and finally wake feeling reinvigorated.

Whilst this may sound simple and unimportant, allowing ourselves to fully relax lowers blood pressure, increases feel-good hormones, boosts immune responses, reduces stress hormones, improves concentration and focus. Not to mention the physical sensation of having a relaxed body where our muscles are not tight, our necks not stiff and our shoulders down where they should be and not keeping our ears warm!

Sessions will each last for between 40 mins and one hour. They are held at a venue in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

If you feel you may wish to hold a group session this may be arranged, although there would be conditions.