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Fear and Phobia

Retake Control!

Babies are born with two fears; loud noises and heights, which means all our other fears and phobias are learned. That does not make them any less frightening or debilitating but it tells us that if we have learned how to be fearful, we can also unlearn it, which is a positive beginning.

Your fear could be about anything, insects, cars, frogs, driving, flying, eggs... the list is endless.

At Achelois (for phobias) I often use  CBT-based virtual desensitisation;  you will never have to come face to face with your Nemesis, other than in your own imagination. Only when you have established a relaxed and resourceful state will we continue to expose you to your visualised image. This is done incrementally, we even control the flow of your imagination, too much fearful imagery we retreat... about right; we persist...

The program typically takes between three or four one-hour sessions:

  • Assessment, fear scaling & Hypno,

  • Hypnodesensitisation

  • Progress review/Post-exposure check

  • Reassessment and evaluation.

 The duration of treatment will be determined by ongoing progress and mutual agreement. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in allowing you to access your inner, and very powerful, resourcefulness. A few recent examples dealt with here at Achelois are driving phobia, needle phobia, public speaking, fear of bees, fear of insects...

Consider setting aside a few hours to engage in hypnotherapy, it really could change your life. Rid yourself of your phobia for good.

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