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Long Term  Conditions

Being diagnosed with a long-term condition can often affect how we then feel and think about ourselves and about our life. Our feelings can often affect the ways in which we deal with treatment, we can be upset, angry, and frustrated, which may mean on an unconscious level we make unhelpful choices. Hypnotherapy can help people change their perception of their diagnosis. Accommodate it into life as a part of them, not the whole.

Many conditions can be affected by the use of hypnotherapy; asthma, eczema and other dermatological conditions, autoimmune disorders, blood pressure, migraine, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)... the list is endless. The effects come from boosting self-esteem, relaxation, pain relief... using your unconscious mind to facilitate acceptance of your illness, changing your perspective about how able you are to deal with it, and generally increasing your confidence. Being told you have to learn to live with it is both frustrating and limiting, whilst the condition will always remain, this does not mean that the ways in which you are supported to manage it are fruitless.

Altered physical states, can significantly impact our own self-image, and body image and prompt us to question who we really are, and whether we are somehow diminished by the diagnosis hypnotherapy can reconnect you to the person you are, not the condition you have. I am a true believer in Gestalt theory; the whole really is greater than the sum of all parts!

After an initial assessment, we can identify the best way forward for you to feel yourself again. It is likely that several sessions will be needed. We usually start with three or four and go from there. My therapy sessions are the perfect opportunity to be open and honest about how you feel. I cannot cure your condition but can help you feel more in control of it than it is f you.

Any prescribed treatment will in no way be altered during therapy, rather the change will focus on how you manage your condition day-to-day and the impact of your thoughts and feelings.

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