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Enuresis Treatment Program

The program will last up to six months. 


  • Initial Assessment, treatment plan, and Hypnotherapy.

  • 3 weekly sessions for review and Hypnotherapy. These will create a change in habits and promote more helpful thinking. Additional sessions may be required following weekly progress evaluation.

  • Bi-monthly sessions for review of the treatment plan, assess the efficacy; and develop an ongoing plan. These will incorporate Ego-boosting hypnotherapy.

  • Final review at six months. 


This program will comprise a total of seven sessions. The initial 4 hypnotherapy treatments will concentrate on establishing a healthy bladder, ​the remainder to promote positive self-regard and confidence. Although it is worth noting that emotional support will be an element of every session. 

All the advice and information provided will be based on accepted clinical treatment and theory. 

**N.B.It may be that individual sessions are more appropriate depending on previous clinical input/alternative approaches and progress made. Some children will respond more quickly than others, this does not necessarily mean those who take more time will not achieve continence.

***Liasion between Achelois and the child's GP may be necessary.

Monster Hunt

Banish those nighttime monsters! 

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