Pain Management

"To have great pain is to have certainty, to hear that another person has pain, is to have doubt". Elaine Scarry.

Pain, particularly long term pain can be destructive. It really can feel as though one were drowning and are desperate for a lifeline. Hypnotherapy may not have all the answers; it certainly is not a cure, but it could certainly help. The relaxed state alone may enable your body's own pain relief hormones to be produced, not to mention the effect of your mind having a break from the constant pain feedback.

I absolutely appreciate you are the expert on your pain, how it impacts you and how you feel about it. I can offer you non-judgemental treatment, to develop ways to help you manage your pain, both practically and by utilising your own hidden unconscious resourcefulness.

Headaches and migraines are also receptive to hypnotherapy treatment.

I have a longstanding interest in chronic pain, having, many years ago, written a dissertation examining the relationship between chronic pain, anger, and depression. I have a personal awareness of the frustrations that arise from experiencing chronic pain, the feelings of being dismissed or disbelieved by others, having had chronic pain personally for over 25 years. I do not understand how you feel, but I can certainly empathise; I know how I feel.

In order to proceed with hypnotherapy, it must first be clarified with your GP that there are no contraindications to treatment, and any ongoing therapy would be alongside your prescribed treatment.